Friday, October 3, 2008

My Reaction To The Vice Presidential Debate, 10-2-08.

If Obama agrees to sit down with enemies, it's apparently "beyond naiveté;" but if McCain agrees to, it's diplomatic.

Double Standards, your table is ready.

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, may I call you Sarah? I have to admit that the more time I spend with you, the harder it is to criticize you — not because I find that you have redeeming qualities that outweigh my judgments, but because I find myself feeling so sorry for how in over your head you really are.

It's as if the Republicans had a character development meeting, the kind a group of writers working on a TV show might have. One piped up, "America loves an underdog and right now Obama is the underdog. We have to find a running mate for John that is more of an underdog than Barack." And boy did they!

Who knew that all it took to run for V.P. was some political Cliffs Notes and a whole lot of "common folk" talk — gumption? I can't deny that you have a gift for connecting with the public, especially with the average person who may not know much about politics. Since people tend to agree with what they can relate to emotionally rather than what may be factual, it doesn't seem to matter that your facts are off, your rhetoric comes off as Democratic in concern and yet Republican in solution. You're crafty, and that frightens me.

Around, around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. That's the way the story goes: POP goes the weasel. But at the center of it all there's still a Bush, the rest is just a swirl of words. If anyone thinks the McCain/Palin ticket is going to be any different than the past Bush/Cheney tickets, I am here to inform you that you are mistaken. Trust me, I'm psychic.

P.S. Palin, it's really a pet peeve for me to hear a V.P. hopeful butcher language, especially with your "unique" vocal cadence, so here's a few unsolicited tips that might make you appear more worthy of your position:
When you pronounce the word nuclear, it's new-clee-er not new-cue-ler. (The berry doesn't fall far from the Bush.)
Iran is ear-ron not eye-ran.
Iraq is ear-rock not eye-rack.
And in case you visit Italy, it's eh-talian not eye-talian.